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Hotels and Commercial

CPM have many clients from the hotel and lesuire industry, and offer 24hr services to this sector.
We can ensure that the business runs as smooth as possible during normal maintenance and improvements, or emergency works.
Our Knowledge of the lesuire industry has grown over the years due to working closely with hoteliers and lesuire companies, and we no how important a quality, quick service is required to ensure smooth trading.
One client called us on a Friday morning with a leaking shower in a letting room, the leak was within the wall (top picture).
We attended the friday afternoon and removed the saturated wall, repaired the leak, re-boarded and cladded with decorative cladding the new alternative to tiles.
The client also requested we installed a new shower which we did, the complete job (bottom picture) was done in the day, allowing the client to let the room the next day.
Whatever the problem CPM can and will deal with it in a proffesional, efficient, and clean way.